Friday, April 15, 2011

Review - Nikita Season 1 Episode 18 Into the Dark

"Into the Dark" makes me wonder what Nikita would look like if it were not on the CW. There is a lot of good action and some cool stuff with Alex, but, in CW fashion, also a lot of sappy relationship stuff for Nikita and Michael. It's fine and all, but very generic and not particularly interesting.

What is interesting, though, is Amanda interrogating Alex and admitting that she wanted Alex killed. Amanda practically has Alex, using an fMRI to know when Alex is lying. However, Alex worms her way out brilliantly, answering the questions in a general way, not using specific names, so she doesn't lie but also does not inform Amanda who the real mole is.

Meanwhile, we see Owen in withdrawal while he and Nikita retrieve the black box. Eventually, the box is destroy, to Owen's dismay, but there are still plenty more out there to be found and I'm guessing Owen won't have an withdrawals next time, so Nikita and Michael may have a harder time stopping him to leaking the information.

Score: 8.9/10
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