Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review - Mr. Sunshine Season 1 Episode 9 Ben and Vivian

 Although 13 episodes were produced, ABC is not planning on airing the extra 4 episodes, so we can count "Ben and Vivian" as the de facto season finale. While it isn't in the least bit season finale-y, the episode returns to the defining trait of Ben set up in the first episode, his desire to have a real relationship. He meets Vivian, played by the always great Lizzy Caplan, hooks up with her, and starts a no-strings-attached relationship, which Ben wants to become more. He tells Vivian this and she breaks up, unfortunately for Ben. But this doesn't shut him down completely, and Alice is there to encourage him to try again.

Heather didn't show up in the episode, which was fine, but Alonzo was in the episode and had a pointless plot all by himself, dealing with the mascot camping in his office. If the writers can't give him something substantial to work with, how about leaving him out like they did Heather? Crystal wasn't in the episode that much, but at least her plot was about becoming closer to Roman and rejecting a guy.

Score: 8.7/10
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