Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review - The Office Season 7 Episode 22 Goodbye, Michael

When I think of Michael Scott, I imagine a guy who doesn't always think clearly. Whatever his actions, whether it be extreme jealously, putting people in physical danger, or just being mean, Michael Scott is not a malicious person. He may have gotten out of control some times (or a lot times), but we always knew that he wanted to do good. Largely, his ailments result from an inability to realize that his lofty ideas may not work in the real world.

"Goodbye, Michael" takes that idea and allows Michael's character to grow. He'd like the perfect send away with everyone paying attention to him and heaping on praise. He'd like to make the basket in the warehouse and everything to go right. But that's not how things work and Michael comes to terms with that. He sees these imperfect events happening in front of his eyes, and instead of getting worked up as he usually would, he gets a little misty eyed, brushes it off, and leaves.

While it's not perfect for Michael, the episode has plenty of wonderful moments between Michael and his employees. He gives Dwight the affirmation he's been looking for, puts confidence in Andy (which Andy quickly puts to use), and says good-bye to Jim and Pam. Above all, Steve Carell delivered a monumental performance which reflects the truly amazing work he's done through the years.

I'm liking Deangelo less and less. In the midst of all this great stuff with Michael, there's Deangelo being awkward, incompetent, and not funny.

Score: 9.2/10
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