Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review - Fringe Season 3 Episode 20 6:02 AM EST

Whether the big plot movement was a result of possible cancellation or that it was the intended path of the show, "6:02 AM EST" really stepped things up and made sure the audience knew that the season finale would be big. The episode begins with sheep obliterated and soon sinks the world into an apocalyptic situation, with the machine turned on in the other world, by Walternate using Peter's half of the baby's DNA, which in turn activates the machine in our world.

The other Olivia makes her fateful choice, deciding to try to cross over to stop Walternate, but gets caught. Peter touches the machine to get it to stop, but is thrown to the ground and is in bad condition in the hospital. I guess the only person whose plan goes the right way is Walternate. These actions cause lots of angst for the other characters, especially Walter, who prays to God (or a god, however you want to interpret his actions).

What's up with Sam Weiss? Given how much he's been hyped up, he could provide an explanation for everything, which would be far too easy

Score: 9.2/10
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