Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review - Modern Family Season 2 Episode 20 Someone to Watch Over Lily

My main complaint about episodes of Modern Family has been the usage of Cam and Mitchell who rarely get much to do or have plots where things just go crazy. The writers put them to good use in "Someone to Watch Over Lily," not giving them the most screen time, but using them effectively in a supporting role, as Mitchell tries to decide who will be Lily's guardian in light of something happening to him or Cam.

Jay and Gloria are eventually picked after a bit of trouble. Cam sees Jay pushing Manny to climb the rock wall and it troubles him, because his parenting ideology is different. Likewise, Gloria gets Lily's ears pierced and the protective parents aren't too happy. But Jay isn't hard on Manny all the time and Gloria's enthusiasm should be enough, so Mitch and Cam come to a decision.

Claire and Phil are the other choices, but from their actions in the episode, it's no wonder they weren't chosen. After bringing Luke to a child psychologist, Claire blurts out that she doesn't want Luke to end up like Phil. All is well in the end, however, even after they leave Luke at the parking lot.

Haley and Alex get a plot of their own as Alex goes with Haley to vandalize the school. What could easily turn into pure silliness becomes a nice sister moment when Alex admits that she hates the cello and actually went to the wrong house for the lesson, but wants to continue because she's the only one in the family that can do these things.

Score: 9.0/10
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