Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review - Justified Season 2 Episode 11 Full Commitment

No time for a longer review again. :(

Justified has hit the home stretch and is rapidly approaching the climax with only two episodes left. There's no time for usual Marshall business or a break in the activity, as all the factions and interests will come into conflict soon. As the title "Full Commitment" suggests, people make their choices and stick to them, and some pay the consequences.

The big cliffhanger is Dickie shooting Helen, and I don't think she made it out alive unless Dickie was intending to send a message to Arlo. Of course, this all wraps back to Boyd, who recruited Arlo, so Raylan will definitely be looking for him. That doesn't necessary mean he'll be violent, though, as he dealt with Wynn and Gary civilly.

Score: 9.2/10
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