Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review - House Season 7 Episode 19 Last Temptation

Well, there goes Masters. To be honest, I didn't really care about her one way or another. She was just another character to bounce lines off of House and it was the predictable "that's against the rules!" dialogue every time. But that's not bad in the context of House, because she was at least a distinctive character. So in the end, I'm fine with how things went down. I don't care about her character staying or leaving and she didn't contribute much to the overall plot anyway.

"Last Temptation" tries its hardest to set up a situation where Master is put in a difficult condition and go against her conviction. The girls arm HAS to be cut off, her parents HAVE to be idiots, and Master HAS to save the girl, so she HAS to break major rules and pull a House. Then she gets up and leaves. I guess this is plausible...

Score: 8.3/10
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