Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review - Warehouse 13 Season 3 Episode 8 The 40th Floor

The Warehouse's history is territory that still can be explored thoroughly, so the Regents returning was a definite bonus, coinciding with the mysterious wheelchaired villain. As the building crumbles, Artie and Myka lead the Regents around and we get to learn a bit about who they are. We get to see their personalities and see that they are not faceless bureaucrats.

Thematically and tonally, I'm not sure about this whole deal with the Regents. We're supposed to have some doubts about them and how virtuous they are. Clearly, torture is questionable and bronzing (leaving the person's mind intact but body motionless) is as well. Seeing how the enemy acts, torturing and whatnot, in comparison to the Regent's similar attitude should give us pause. But the show's tone is so upbeat that it overrides any doubts expressed by the characters. They are still having fun and cracking jokes, making this seem like a less serious issue.

After the H.G. mess at the end of last season, one would think the writers would have more tact with recurring characters in the future, but apparently that's not the case. Sally was actually a pretty formidable enemy and was a big part in several episodes, but she's unceremoniously ditched after failing the mission. Steve was a huge part of the season and is fired after being really stupid while Mrs. Frederick was getting information. Quickly, two major characters are gone without so much of a send off. Yes, they could return (and there are hints that Steve could join the wheelchair guy), but my initial disappointment will remains.

The final revelation that Jane is Pete's mother was great with the extra layer of Pete being married to Seven of Nine while being the son of Captain Janeway.

Score: 8.5/10
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