Friday, August 12, 2011

Review - Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 8 Hard Out

When Burn Notice tries to make the characters seem deeper than they really are, it's kind of silly to see what actually comes out. "Hard Out" tries to expand Fiona's character, but it only contradicts 4+ seasons of evidence that Fiona loves to shoot and blow things up--ostensibly hurting people. What the Miami plot tries to accomplish is to first have Michael's search for the bomber lead to lead her, somewhat unwillingly, to an ex who knows about bomb makers. He's a bad guy, you see, because he'll help her only if she helps him, and his deals often lead in people dying. The job seems innocuous enough, with only theft instead of killing, but he reveals that the theft actually resulted in a death. Fiona is disturbed, leading to the final scene in which things just aren't right.

While Fiona seemed rather emotional there are the end after learning that her actions led to someone's death, I gotta point out an obvious fact: Fiona loves guns, explosives, and using them whenever possible. Why does she suddenly care if someone, probably a shady figure himself, got killed because of what she did? The idea behind the plot--that Michael's quest pushes her to become someone she doesn't want to be--is a decent idea, but it's bizarre that she's shying away from violence now when we see her blowing things up and shooting on a weekly basis.

The A plot was different than the normal shootout, as Michael mind-gamed a large group of mercenaries into following his lead. It's not too exciting, but fun while it lasted.

Score: 8.4/10
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