Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review - The Closer Season 7 Episode 8 Death Warrant

I'm really liking this season of The Closer, with the ongoing investigation into Terrell Baylor's murder intruding into all aspects of Brenda's life. The investigation plays a large role in "Death Warrant," and in the last act, we see the Brenda who dropped Terrell of in unfriendly territory, the unforgiving Brenda who simply wants to punish the criminal. She's a scary person and Kyra Sedgwick does not disappoint.

Until now, Raydor has largely been the antagonist who hung around and caused trouble for the team. The team didn't really like her and I'm guessing the audience didn't like her either. This week, however, we see the other side of her, the kick ass officer who can shoot a criminal in the head with a beanbag. It's a nice departure from her usual role, and hopefully we'll see more of that in the ramp up to her taking over Brenda's job (assuming the spin-off is still a go).

As far as Gavin's investigation for the mole, we don't learn anything new, but Gavin is quite confident in himself. After interviewing everyone, he tells the entire room that he will win, making it clear to both the mole and Goldman what he thinks. This fresh act of confidence is somewhat reassuring, but things seem far from over.

Score: 9.1/10
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