Monday, August 15, 2011

Review - Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 5 Shotgun

Walt, Walt, Walt, Walt, Walt, Walt, Walt. Walt... No, I'm not Michael from Lost, but I am infuriated by Walt. Look at the situation he's in. Skyler wants him to move back in, Jesse is back on track, and most importantly, Hank thinks Gale is Heisenberg. What better situation could there be for Walt? Everything was as close to normal as it could be for a meth cooker. But Walt, partially influenced by alcohol, has to talk. No, he tells Hank, Gale is no genius--he is like a student, copying only without reasoning. Perhaps Heisenberg is still out there.

This is stunning stuff, because Walt took the crosshairs away from a dead body and put it closer towards himself, but this really isn't that unexpected. Walt is defined by his hubris and resulting self-destruction. It boils within him, and when Hank suggests it is Gale who is the genius, he just has to say something. It's happened before and it'll happen again. That's Walt, the guy who believes he deserves something from everyone. Well, Walt gets what he deserves--Hank back on the hunt and led to Los Pollos Hermanos.

It's fitting that Leverage aired alongside Breaking Bad tonight, because Gus's scheme to prop up Jesse's self-esteem seemed like a con Nathan Ford and his crew would do. We learn fairly quickly that Mike is not killing Jesse or even taking him out to the desert to teach him a lessen. Instead, is a cleverly orchestrated plot by Gus to get Jesse on the right side of the fence. They go around picking up cash until a guy with a shotgun walks up behind the car. Jesse saves the day and the rest is history. Little does he know that Gus was behind all of this. It seems like Gus wants to complete transform Jesse and possibly use him against Walt. In the case that this does happen, it'll suck for Walt, because we see that he really does care what happens to Jesse, so much so that he was willing to pull a gun on Gus.

After all the recent news that AMC was having trouble negotiating with Sony, Breaking Bad was renewed for a final 16 episode order. That leaves 24 episode left total, which seems like an adequate number to finish things off. The noose continues to tighten around Walt (perhaps self-induced), and the end will have to come some day.

Score: 9.2/10
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