Monday, August 1, 2011

Review - True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 I Wish I Was the Moon

As cliched as the love triangle between Sookie, Eric and Bill is, it's one of the only parts of True Blood that has even a hint of complexity. At the end of the episode, Bill lets Eric go free and Eric seals the deal with Sookie, while an out of place song plays over the scene. So we have Bill going easy on Eric, but also letting Eric have Sookie, all because Sookie asked him. At least this plot went somewhere, unlike the other plots in the episode.

After a week of the Sam and Tommy plot not being antagonistic, it reverted back to the the thing it's always been. Tommy turns into Sam, confirming Luna's story, and proceeds to be a dick. Great... Arlene's baby sees a black woman who quickly disappears and we're left wondering what's going on. Debbie wants to join the pack and reluctantly drags Alcide in. Jesus and Lafayette enter mystical world and Lafayette even gets possessed. Marnie gets possessed by Antonia and will probably escape and wreak havoc soon.  Jason freaks out in the woods, but Jessica finds him and comforts him. Tara and her girlfriend..... Yeah, there was lots of filler this week, setting up the rest of the season.

Score: 8.1/10
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