Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review - Alphas Season 1 Episode 7 Catch and Release

The premise of Alphas--a team of genetically different people stuck between the government and genetically different radicals--is nothing new, and "Catch and Release" feels like the natural course of the plot, but it is a premise that is compelling from every angle.

It's impossible not to see the predicament the characters are in. Skylar is an innocent inventor who creates stuff and sells them. From the inventions we see, they are non-lethal. However, the government, with its power and authority, deems that she is unsafe based on some coded messages and pursues her. When Rosen and the team finds out who Skylar's been communicating with, her genius daughter, they realize what the government will do.

There is something diabolical about the way the government goes about its business in the episode, bypassing Rosen and alway using force first, along with the machine that can find anyone in the world. Nina instantly sides with Skylar, as a friend and also as a fellow alpha. They are in the same boat, and if Skylar, a non-violent alpha, can be locked up, then so can the rest of them. In the end, Rosen defies the government and lets Skylar go, cooking up an excuse. This flies for now, but it's unlikely Rosen can continue to do this.

The greatest concern for the show is whether the writers wish to maintain the status quo. If the writers decide to forever keep in the team working for the government against Red Flag, then there's probably not much to get excited about. But there is a distinct possibility that certain characters could split off and become one of the hunted, and perhaps the writers will go in that direction.

I like how the episode episode built on Gary and Bill even though they weren't that integral to the plot (other than Gary finding NIna and Skylar). We're reminded that each character has lots to deal with on their own outside of work, and it makes their mission even more precarious.

Score: 9.0/10
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