Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review - Rubicon Season 1 Episode 8 Caught in the Suck

After watching "Caught in the Suck," I realized how little I care about the specifics of the conspiracy or even the official API work. All the names and connections go over my head and I follow only to the point where I get the generalities. But honestly, the entire conspiracy, as a we currently know it, be summarized in one sentence. Eight episodes have gone by and we know next to nothing.

Instead, Rubicon focuses on the characters--how they move, how they react, how they interact--using slick directing to draw viewers in. However, the ratings have gone from slightly below average to totally horrendous, especially in the target 18-49 demo. I'm curious to see what AMC does with Rubicon once the season ends. The ratings are bad, and it hasn't gotten as many critical accolades as AMC's other dramas which leads me to think Rubicon will be cancelled.

Thus far two-thirds of the female characters, Maggie and Katherine, have spent nearly every second of screen time on the fringes, never quite inside the conspiracy but skirting the edges enough to be somewhat relevant. Maggie's role as Kale's spy is blown open when Kale tells Will of her job, protecting her from ever lying because of her fondness for Will. Can she become relevant again?

Score: 8.6/10
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