Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review - Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 2 JJ

This is the episode I've been dreading, CBS kicking out A.J. Cook simply to save money. And it happens with a ridiculous plot twist that makes the U.S. government in Criminal Minds look like North Korea. Here's what I think happened: The writers wanted to reflect A.J.'s thoughts on J.J., the unwillingness the leave, and have the higher ups in the governments be the CBS executives. Okay, so it works on a sentimental level and the final scene got to me.

However--big however--CBS is a business and the FBI is part of the government. A business can get rid of people or move them around easily. Can the Pentagon really force someone in another agency to work for them? Really? What kind of hellish contract did J.J. sign?

The rest of the episode was dumb interrogations of two guys until one of them reveals where the missing girl is. And before anyone forgets, Paget Brewster is heading out the door soon.

Logistically, getting rid of two-thirds of the females cast was a bold and interesting move for CBS. Criminal Minds is one of CBS's long-running shows, and unlike CSI: NY, which was paired with CM last season, its ratings aren't showing signs of serious erosion. But it's not like CBS has much favor with the fans, as most hated the spin-off episode. Will the departure of two well-liked characters do anything to the ratings and offset the cost reduction?

Score: 7.5/10
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