Monday, September 27, 2010

Review - Chuck Season 4 Episode 2 Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Last week, I was jumped upon by two Chuck fans, one of whom couldn't even string together a coherent sentence, for saying that I was disappointed in the season premiere for the clunky shifts in the beginning of the episode and the lack of coherence to the episode. Well, I wasn't disappointed this week. "Chuck Versus the Suitcase" was the high-quality Chuck I've come to expect.

The plot, featuring Karolina Kurkova, is very basic, but it allows Chuck and Sarah to poke fun jabs at each other. With no angst in sight, the couple is fun together, and their relationship problems pale in comparison to the gunfights they get in. By the end of the episode, Sarah fully commits to the relationship and moves in with Chuck.

At the Buy More, Morgan has the brilliant idea that the store is operating too well under the CIA. And the only solution? Bring back the old crew. That's right, Jeffster's back and dirtier than ever. Because the CIA is still in control of the place and will still have spies working there, it'll be interesting to see how Morgan, now store manager, manages to keep the place under control and the cover intact.

Like Sarah, Casey, a step behind her, realizes that Burbank is more than just the location of his next job. His daughter lives there and she should be a good reason for staying.

Given Chuck's very pedestrian ratings last week and lack of promotion, we'll be in for another season of worrying about ratings. Still, if Chuck is cancelled, a definitely possibility, I'm glad we had the show for four seasons.

Score: 9.0/10
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