Monday, April 4, 2011

Review - United States of Tara Season 3 Episode 2 Crackerjack

We've come to understand that Tara certainly has a condition which makes her change personality from time to time. The writers make sure we know when the switches happen and boy does Toni Collette play the alters well. After Shoshana lectures the class, embarrassing Tara in the aftermath, we learn that Professor Hatteras does not believe in DID. He basically tells Tara that it's a made up condition and that it's only to grab attention. Promptly, Tara turns into T and goes crazy, which from Hatteras's view was probably Tara doing it on purpose. So we see Tara's alters actively respond to what Tara is doing, whether she is in front of the computer, in a lecture hall, or being told DID is not real.

This coincides with Kate's new endeavor is to go to Japan to teach English, which Tara initially opposes. However, in one the most intense and emotional scenes in recent memory, Kate comes home as T is prepared to leave, before Kate does everything in her power to stop T from leaving. Such powerful acting from Brie Larson. I'm looking around to see if Brie Larson is leaving the show, but since I can't find any information, I think it's safe to say she won't be going to Japan and that means she will have to something else to do.

I've never liked Neil, so I was rather annoyed by him in the episode, but I guess that's who his character is and the plot gets Neil a big chance to grow. It's understandable he's upset over Max selling the company, given his current situation with Charmaine, but he has to realize that he can't always depend on others and has to come into his own eventually. Without Max propping him up, maybe Neil can learn some responsibility which will in turn help him with Charmaine.

Marshall and Lionel still don't have a substantial plot, but their film for class was hilarious, breaking the teacher's notions of what gay students would make and create a hilarious short film which is as violent as it gets.

Score: 9.1/10
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