Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review - Stargate Universe Season 3 Episode 16 The Hunt

There's something attractive about an episode like "The Hunt," reminiscent of Syfy's many Saturday monster movies. First off, there is a tangible creature on the prowl which is always a plus, and it's entertaining to see the characters try to retrieve their crew mates when there is danger.

That alone would have been enough for a decent, non-intrusive episode. But the writers had to throw in a new love triangles which are as boring as they get. We've already gone through with with Scott, Eli, and Chloe, Young, TJ, and Varro, and now we'll have to get through another one. Ugh...

Everyone is having a good time at the end of the episode, but does anyone care that a bunch of people were killed in the process of rescuing just two people? No one is even remotely troubled? How about the fact that Greer killed the deer after sparing the other sentient animal? Guess not. I thought the point of Stargate Universe was supposed to be that it's more "realistic", but random nobodies getting killed off without concern seems to still be standard fare. Makes you wonder what the writers are thinking.

The scientists were off doing their own thing this week, with Eli and Brody poking around the stasis pods. Rush, staying in character, manipulates them into actually using a pod, leaving them none the wiser. It was funny to see Eli fumble around, but Rush is always a scary character to think about.

Score: 8.1/10
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