Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review - The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 19 Wrongful Termination

It's a foregone conclusion by now, but yes, "Wrongful Termination" is another strong outing by The Good Wife, which is slowly building towards the season finale. Everything hinges on the secret of Kalinda and Peter sleeping together (it's more or less state in the episode, so my line of inquiry last week is very likely wrong), with Cary trying to keep Kalinda safe. Meanwhile, Tammy returns as well as to draw Will away from Alicia.

The case brings back Canning, who is great in every respect. This time, his defense involves the implication that a drug could make someone violent--the same drug from the company he defended a while back with the rats attacking each other. Ultimately, damning evidence is found and the matter is resolved in Alicia's favor. But another problem lies ahead: Canning, who bought the firm of the now-deceased Stern, offers Alicia a job for double her current salary.

Score: 9.0/10

Sorry for the shorter-than-usual review. It's past midnight, and I need sleep.
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