Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review - Chuck Season 4 Episode 21 Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner

First things first, Chuck and Sarah getting conned was utterly ridiculous and the usage of CIA funds to track down the wedding planner was almost as bad. But this is Chuck, where things like that are pretty much givens. It hasn't improved and will likely never improve.

"Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner" features the return of Jack Burton to explore Sarah's background. We see young Sarah helping her father con, and see the connection between them. The episode, though, isn't entirely about Jack, as Chuck and Sarah do carry the load. He saves the day in two respects--making sure no one got hurt and leaving money for Sarah--but he definitely didn't dominate the episode as past guests did.

Kathleen finally finds and talks to Casey, first doubting his story before seeing him flash his badge to the police. It feels very incomplete, however, so I want to see if this will be expanded, because if left in this paltry form, it'll be largely a waste.

With three episodes left in the season, Chuck is possibly coming to an end this season because of terrible ratings yet again. Yes, NBC has bad ratings, but Chuck has continued to drop and is now lingering below 1.5.

Score: 8.5/10
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