Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review - The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 20 Foreign Affairs

The Good Wife does a good job making characters seem real, even some of the wackier judges who sometimes stray a little too far. Then there is Hugo Chavez. He's a bad person, a tyrant, and many other descriptors. That's all true. But what he isn't is this silly, ridiculous loser who spends his time talking to lawyers via satellite and seem like a big joke. Sure he says stupid stuff in public, but that's for the dumb leftists who gobble up his rhetoric. Why did the writers have to bring him in anyway if he was going to be such an unrealistic joke? And the stuff with Fred Thompson was along the same lines, though toned down.

The rest of the episode was rather good, however, and partially makes up for dumb parts. Alicia goes on television to turn the tide of the election in Peter's favor, and is quite candid about Peter and her family. Whether she helped or not, Peter wins and everyone is happy.

And then the investigator arrives, telling Alicia that Blake had lied about this woman Leela who isn't in any database. Where has Alicia heard that name before... Peter is absent for all the of the episode and right as he appears at the very end of the episode, the waterworks start, and with if, the big cloud of Kalinda sleeping with Peter. Something major has to happen, right? Even if Alicia says the past was the past, Peter still lied (or omitted) about sleeping with Alicia's coworker and friend, and the same goes for Kalinda.

Score: 8.6/10
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