Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review - Happy Endings Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot / 2 The Quicksand Girlfriend

In a normal year Happy Endings might seem unique. There is no laugh track and the series begins with a bride leaving the groom at the altar. But this is the 2010-2011 season when almost every new comedy is about a group of people and romantic relationships. We've seen similar setups in Better With You, Perfect Couples, Traffic Light, and Mad Love--friends dealing with relationship issues. The themes of the shows overlap and they all look the same after a while.

Happy Endings had several funny lines and some really cringe-worthy ones, so it's not entirely bad. But it's not something I would watch in the first place, and given he glut of similar shows, it's even less appealing.

Score: 8.0/10
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