Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review - NCIS Season 8 Episode 14 A Man Walks Into A Bar...

"A Man Walks Into A Bar..." is, ostensibly, a clip show, and that normally spells trouble. But because of the focus on Kate, the episode is fine to an degree. Personally, I liked Kate, so revisiting those memories--especially those from many years ago--was enjoyable and heartbreaking at the same time, seeing her get shot again. So in that respect, the episode was watchable.

The episode has several major flaws, however. First, the plot is resolved without any effort and is largely used to fill the hour. Second, why would Kate's sister randomly return 5-6 years later to get a resolution? Third, there are many better ways to use a shrink on the show than addressing Kate who's been all but forgotten. How about exploring Tony and Jeanne, Ziva's capture, Gibb's experience in Mexico, etc?

Add the ship's captain, played by Scott Lawrence, Sturgis on JAG, to the list of JAG/NCIS doppelgangers.

Score: 7.9/10
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