Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review - Mr. Sunshine Season 1 Episode 3 Heather's Sister

So far, Mr. Sunshine has been charming enough that it;s an enjoyable half-hour of television. The jokes are occasionally good and the characters are pleasant enough. What we haven't seen, however, is any working pathos, if the writers even tried.

"Heather's Sister" begins to shape Heather in a real character we can root for. She sets Ben up on a date with her sister, who is kooky, repeating everything Ben likes as her own. In the end when Ben is fed up, Heather's sister flips out. But instead of siding with her sister and doing something as Ben expects, Heather sticks up for Ben, saying he's a great guy. Just like that, Mr. Sunshine humanizes Heather, who was just a crazy assistant until now.

The rest of the episode, with the dog show and Alice's "friend" coming to town, was woefully underdeveloped, but the main plot balanced out with it.

Score: 8.6/10
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