Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review - The Good Wife Season 2 15 The Silver Bullet

One thing The Good Wife has been fantastic at doing is branching out to give every character more prominence. The series began with the focus on Alicia, but we slowly got to know Diane, Will, Kalinda, Peter, and Alicia's family. In its second season, Eli has taken a large role. He's neckdeep in the campaign, so we see him scheming in the background and being a funny character. Until "The Silver Bullet," however, we haven't been able to see the personal side of him.

With the introduction of Natlie Flores (America Ferrera), we see Eli grapple with his job, wondering whether he should out her as a illegal alien in attempt to score points over Wendy Scott Carr. We also see Eli's daughter and learn that he was divorced. In the end, the pol inside Eli comes out on top and Natlie is exposed. This should be an interesting storyline.

The case this week gets pushed to the back with the return of Kurt McVeigh, ballistics expert and Diane's romantic interest. In the process of defending him, the team finds out that the recently released cop-killer really was a cop-killer. But no double-jeopary. Oops.

Once again, The Good Wife falls to epic mishandling of teenagers. Like her brother, Grace is turned into a moron, so the writers can make fun of Christians. If you want to poke at religion, fine, but at least make Grace reasonable, not a lunatic who watches lunatic videos about Jesus. At leastAlicia hands her a Bible, hopefully a King James Version, which she can read and try to understand.

Score: 8.7/10
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