Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review - Justified Season 2 Episode 3 The I Of The Storm

"The I Of The Storm" clarifies a lot of questions about Boyd. Following up on the one scene from last week, he's living with Ava but it's not romantic. Boyd tries his hardest in the episode to keep himself contained, drinking alone, ignoring Dewey for the most part--but by the end of the episode, he snaps, dragging a poor, albeit racist, fellow along in his car before dumping him. And Raylan tells Ava to kick Boyd out, sure that Boyd is incapable of change.

Based on this evidence, we can tentatively say that internally, Boyd is still as troubled as ever and has not changed. But what about Raylan? Like Boyd, Raylan still seems troubled on in the inside, unsure of what to do with Winona and his life. But if Boyd can crack like that, and in one instant unleash pure fury, can Raylan keep it bottled up forever?

I like how Mags is still tied into the crime this week, with her three sons involved in some way. The Dixie Mafia is mentioned a couple times, so they should be another fun bunch for Raylan to take on or talk with.

Score: 9.0/10
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