Saturday, April 2, 2011

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 3/31/11

FOX won with American Idol (6.8) and Mobbed (3.8). Reality show begets reality show, as FOX picked up Mobbed for an 8 episode order.

ABC was second  with Wipeout (1.9), Grey’s Anatomy (4.9), and Private Practice (2.7). Looks like people love the musicals with Grey's Anatomy nearly topping 5.

CBS was third with The Big Bang Theory (3.7), Rules of Engagement (2.4), CSI (2.9), and The Mentalist (2.8).

NBC was last with a repeat of Community (0.9), Perfect Couples (1.0) and repeats of The Office (1.5), Parks and Recreation (1.1), 30 Rock (1.0), The Office (1.0). Will NBC will Perfect Couples from the schedule? A repeat of The Office in the same timeslot would probably have done better last night.
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