Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review - Dark Blue Season 2 Episode 4 High Rollers

Based on the ratings of the first three episodes, it's unlikely Dark Blue will be renewed, given that Rizzoli & Isles has performed splendidly after The Closer and that Dark Blue is one of the lowest rated (possibly the very lowest) TNT original series on air. And it's hard to fault anyone. Dark Blue squandered the Leverage lead-in last year (the shows aren't similar) and the ratings dropped severely. TNT renewed it after many months and shoved in on Wednesday alongside syndicated shows, showing its justified lack of confidence in Dark Blue. It's not surprising, then, that the ratings this season began at the lowest point of the first season and are only going down.

I liked the creative direction this season, including the addition of Alex Rice, who adds another facet to the show. "High Rollers," however, takes a misstep. Carter and Alex get way too cuddly--in only the fourth episode of the season--and there is no friction between them, making them a cookie-cutter couple which doesn't add to the show.

The benefits of a fairly large cast is that Jaime and Ty pick up the slack. Jaime tries using her sexuality in an attempt to dig deeper into the criminal, dragging out a cautionary tale from Alex in the process. In addition to Alex and Carter moving too fast, Ty and his wife's relationship disintegration was also rushed with only last week's episode bridging this week's revelation that Ty and Mellisa are separated. Still, the payoff is that we see Ty's gambling problem emerge, though Carter shoves it under the rug.

Within everything going on with the various characters, the plot was tossed to the side as there were about three guest stars who actually had lines and a simple entrapment to wire was stretched out to fill the hour.

Score: 7.9/10
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