Monday, August 9, 2010

Review - Leverage Season 3 Episode 9 The Three-Card Monte Job

Again, Sundays is the busiest TV day for me and I still have 2 shows to review today, so Leverage is at the back of my reviewing priorities and will only be getting a few sentences, which is all it needs anyway.

"The Three-Card Monte Job" was a nice change of pace, being the most distinctive episode of the season. It begins as most episodes do, with a client asking for help, but it takes a brilliant turn almost immediately. The bad guy is Nate's father, Jimmy Ford, a recently released convict who is now in league with some nasty Russians. The job, too, was significantly different than we're used to seeing. Instead of completely working over a mark with a clear idea of what to do, Nate doesn't know exactly what Jimmy is up to, putting him in a precarious position. He must outsmart his father at his own game. Nate prevails in the end and shows a great deal of gratitude, opting to send Jimmy to Ireland, not back to the slammer.

Score: 9.1/10
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