Sunday, August 15, 2010

Preview of Week 8/15/10 - 8/21/10

Mad Men - AMC, Sunday, August 15, 10:00pm ET

After last week's episode stayed stagnant on the advertising front, it looks like Lee Garner Jr. is back with more trouble.

Weeds - Showtime, Monday, August 16, 10:00pm ET

A little preview of my season premiere review.

In my estimation, Weeds has decreased in quality about 10% each season, more in the later two. The show has become a mere shell of what it once was, an incomplete, soulless arena where detestable characters have their fun amidst the ruin of society. Even Nancy, once a very likable character, has become but another hideous aberration, clawing at those around her until there is nothing left. Left behind are Silas and Shane who bear the brunt of their mother's recklessness and Andy, whose chauvinism precludes any good intentions he may have. As the plot continues to spiral out of control, Weeds hangs on a thin thread which feels like it'll snap at any moment. Continuing from last season's finale, this season's premiere ties up several threads and the Botwins move on, once again heading to a location where their past will inevitably come back to haunt them.

The Big C - Showtime, Monday, August 16, 10:30pm ET

Laura Linney's character, Cathy, has Cancer and her behavior changes radically as one would expect. The catch--which isn't fully explained--is that she hasn't told anyone yet, not her childish husband, annoying son, homeless brother, or fat, mean student. Looking at Showtime's newest addition, I'm still baffled why people think Showtime has overtaken HBO.
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