Monday, August 9, 2010

Review - Rubicon Season 1 Episode 3 Keep the Ends Out

Rubicon is a series that works best on DVD, where viewers can plunk down on the couch and watch for hour and hours--maybe until something happens! They get the same great atmosphere and directing, but after a while, the plot will start coalescing, or at least it should.

For us watching week to week, we're left in the dark for long periods of time, possibly enough to scare of viewers afraid of commitment. Once again, literally nothing happen plot-wise. There was something about names found in the code of Yankees World Series victories, and more ominous words from men in suits about Will's continuing investigation. Every scene with Katherine Rhumor is zipping past my brain and I still have no clue why she matters. But she's there for some reason.

Will's workplace remains the glue holding the show together. Maggie seems like the odd woman out, not working on intelligence stuff with the rest of them, and is a pretty pointless character as well, especially with the random stuff with her husband. Miles was the other character expanded on this week and we learned that he's divorced and that work cut in to his personal life too much. Using Joan's analogy, church and state didn't stay separate.

I love all the visual aspects of the show and the slow pacing is growing on me, but the major plot points are either generic (Maggie's) or directionless (Katherine and Will's).

Score: 8.6/10
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