Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review - Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 9 100

I'll make an admission that I actually got teary when Haley was about to die. C. Thomas Howell, Thomas Gibson, and Meredith Monroe did a great job through the whole scene. We knew Haley was dying, and that final conversation between Hotch and her was beautiful, and heartfelt. The abrupt end of Haley with gunshots sounds shocked me since we didn't actually see Foyet pull the trigger, but we knew she was dead.

Hotch may haven gotten off due to some humanity of Strauss, but the fact is that he, and everyone else knows that Hotch beat a defenseless man to death. There is a question the writers want us to think about. While the BAU is supposed to hunt monsters, what if they become monsters themselves? Hotch will probably rebound, but the look on his face while beating Foyet to death is one we'd see on a serial killer's.

My biggest problem with the episode was the implausibility that Foyet would be able to trick Haley so easily. Haley could easily have checked to see if what he said was true, and it was kind of stupid that she would return to a house she had left because a serial killer knew who lived their. The best explanation for her illogical reaction is that she was so frazzled by Foyet's warning that she could not think straight. After learning the Marshall was dead, and her husband was dead, she probably was in shock.

I liked how Nicholas Brendon and Josh Stewart were brought back for the special episode. They didn't really do much, but it's always nice to see familiar faces.

Score: 9.8/10


Er. said...

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Unknown said...

I thought it was unwatchable garbage. Foyet found Hayley by calling numbers in a federal Marshall’s phone?? Passwords don’t exist? Also why isn’t Haley armed to defend herself as well, foyet can just walk into the house? At the very least there would have to be a fight and shots fired. It was so implausible that I didn’t care at all when they shot haley and was even cheering it just so the episode could end. Total waste of a potentially good story.

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