Monday, January 24, 2011

Review - The Cape Season 1 Episode 4 Scales

"Scales" has a very cool mixture of factions and allies, which isn't the least bit realistic, but is entertaining nonetheless. On one side, there's Vince and Orwell who both want to take down Peter Flemming. On another, there's Scales, who is informed by The Cape of Chess's real identity, Peter Flemming. Then there's Max's circus crew which is robbing the train and possibly disrupting Vince's operation, and lastly, Peter Flemming himself and his police officers.

This leads to conflict between former allies, Scales and Flemming, and a conflict between Vince, a crimefighter, and Max, a thief, is also brewing. Although we don't know how ambitious the writers want to be, these developments, on the surface, look very encouraging.

All the scenes with Trip, flashback and present-day, serve absolutely no purpose but to manufacture pathos. I'm fine with Vince wanting to get back to his family, but please add some plot. At the very least, use the opportunity to expand the characters of Vince and Trip beyond the simple fact that Vince was/is a good parent.

Score: 8.6/10
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