Friday, July 31, 2009

Review - Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 8 Friends Like These

This season didn't start that great, especially with the very brief appearance of Detective Paxon which frankly was tacky and lame considering how short she lasted. If she doesn't come back, the purpose of her character will be minute. However, like how the season is shaping up. Strickler is bringing Mike into a grey area nobody other than himself really knows, Michael is just going along to get back into the spy world, and Fiona really isn't liking any of it. This episode was IMO the best this season, and really brought some depth to the characters, including one scene which I literally had to rewatch 5 times.

Strickler has a job for Michael and he complies pretty easily without considering what he will do after. He knows the exact place and time some thieves are going to steal weapons from the government. Michael is to take pictures and get info on the "cleaner," the guy who covers the tracks of the robbers. Since the cleaner is across from a bingo contest, Madeline takes some pictures and then Fi tails him to a park. Michael tells Strickler who doesn't really do anything about it. When Fi questions Mike about how Strickler knew exactly what was going to happen and didn't seem to want to stop it, he kind of ignores her.

Barry the money launderer needs serious, serious help. His ledger of clients is missing and he'll probably be killed if the list is leaked. They track down his girlfriend Amy who is supposedly out of town and find that she stole the list for some people. She tells them where she met the people and Mike and Fi capture a man and woman who enter. This begins a long process of interrogation. The woman appears to be a real estate agent coerced into helping when her son was kidnapped, and she had also given them the location to a house with a safe with information. The man is a former Serbian interrogation specialist, and is probably the head guy.

Their investigation leads them to a storefront where the cashier tells Mike and Sam that some crazy lady was the one in charge. Meanwhile, the woman is garnering a lot of empathy from Fi who is completely trusting of her now and is being especially nice. Mike and Sam rush back leading to the aforementioned scene which I watched multiple times. They act all mad, and then Mike slaps Fi across the face taking her totally by surprise. This was one of the few moments in the show where there was an actual emotional scene with Fi not knowing what to think and Mike trying to make things better. Mike and Sam leave, and Fi pretends to let the woman go, and they track her and take the ledger back. There is a scene in which Fi has a gun on her, but there is a crowd of children walking by and the woman tells her that she has no problems firing into a crowd of children while Fi does.

I think this might have prompted Fi to back out of helping Mike do recon on the park where the arms are shipped. She tells him that working with Strickler will make him change and she won't be in Miami to see it. The episode ends with Diego calling Mike. It looks like he's back in and Fi is way out.

With one episode left before a long hiatus, I'm excited to see what will happen since next week it looks like Fiona is in deep shit and Strickler doesn't want Michael to help. There was actually some pretty decent non-action acting in this episode and the emotions really came out.

Score: 9.7/10


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