Sunday, May 13, 2012

TV News and Tidbits 5/13/12

Another big day of television news!

CBS cancels CSI: Miami, Unforgettable, Rob, A Gifted Man, NYC 22, renews CSI: New York [Deadline]
- CBS proves once again that absolute ratings don't matter. NBC would love to get what those shows got, but that isn't enough for CBS. CBS went ahead and canned CSI: Miami, which I thought does really well internationally. Perhaps CBS feels it will get more profits airing reruns rather than new episodes. The other cancellations were mostly expected, although Rob did put up decent numbers. The sharp decline each week definitely did not help, however.

NBC releases its 2012-2013 fall schedule [Deadline]
- Immediately evident from their schedule is that NBC is going comedy-heavy. It already has a stable of comedies, so they're trying to build from those successes. We also see that NBC isn't bothering to launch anything new on Thursday, indication they are settling for what they have right now without risking too much. But NBC does believe its comedies, backed by The Voice, can battle FOX's comedies. I'm not sure what's going on with Friday, with Grimm, a dedicated horror show, following two comedies in Whitney and Community. Whitney seems destined to fail in the time slot.
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