Thursday, May 10, 2012

TV News and Tidbits 5/10/12

Today was the biggest day yet for renewals, so here are the stories from Deadline since it has other interesting tidbits embedded in the stories.

ABC renews the obvious choices, Body of Proof safe? [Deadline]
- Despite Body of Proof's bad ratings in the US, it seems like the international broadcasting rights gets ABC enough money. Another thing to point out is that BoP's ratings took a major dip halfway through the season, falling to just 1.4 on March 13, but subsequently get either 2.0 or 1.9, which are not terrible.

NBC renews Parenthood, 30 Rock, and Community, but gives the latter two shorter orders [Deadline]
- Nothing too surprising here. If NBC implodes next season as it always does, we'll probably be seeing more episodes of Community.

Cougar Town moves to TBS [Deadline]
- This is pretty interesting. TBS's in-house productions haven't gotten much critical attention, but getting Cougar Town could bring in the cred it needs.

Unforgettable gets a reprieve(?), A Gifted Man canceled, CSI: Miami not looking good, Body of Proof looking good for return [Variety]
- Unforgettable being renewed would surprised me, but with its stock of aging dramas, CBS probably wants to keep something fresh around (even if the writing is piss-poor). Variety confirms Deadline's Body of Proof comments.

Not looking good for Nikita, supposedly [TV By the Numbers]
- It's hard to gauge the CW. It's a ratings joke, and will likely stay that way, especially if advertisers continue to put higher weight on television advertising (since CW's target audience is the group that is switching away from television the fastest). Objectively speaking, Nikita is sitting a tad above Ringer due to Friday discounting, a tiny bit below The Secret Circle, but not ahead of Hart of Dixie. Looking forward, though, The Secret Circle is a newer show and probably has a lot more content to work with. Nikita, comparatively, ran out of narrative steam a month ago and is now coasting along with the worst CW-isms you can imagine. Still, last week  Deadline seemed to think it would get renewed.
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