Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New feature: TV News and Tidbits 5/9/12

I'm trying to get in more regular posts, rather than just once per week, without having to spend too much extra time or brain power while allowing me to put in a small comment, so I've decided to have a post once per day with links to various news stories or other TV-related things I find interesting. Disclaimer: I'll likely write these posts while watching TV, so try not to make too many mistakes, but you know me...

TV by the Numbers has its final guesses for renewals and cancellations [NBC FOX CW CBS ABC]
- Nothing out of the ordinary. They're quite split on GCB relative to the other shows, and I am as well. On the other hand, its ratings have been bad especially on Sunday nights, when OUAT regularly gets 3-ish ratings. But the 1.8 it got in the season finale is respectable. Of the CW bunch, GG definitely has the greatest chance of renewal while The Secret Circle has the second slot. Ringer is at the bottom, but from there it's a toss up for Nikita and HoD.. Per Deadline (see next story), NBC isn't doing anything about Whitney, indication it might not be picked up.

NBC likely renewing a slew of comedies, with caveats [Deadline]
- Interesting note, Deadline says all comedy orders will get short orders. Considering how badly anything new on NBC does, I wouldn't be surprised if all get full seasons midway through the next season.

Newest Ask Ausiello (with the usual CW catfights in the comment section) [TV Line]
- There's not much here other than a few trivial spoilers and the hidden items he loves to dangle.

First look at JJ Abrams-Eric Kripke's show Revolution [io9]
- NBC is again plunking down big money for a sci-fi show. I don't know if this will work. Perhaps Eric Kripke laying out a long-term plan will be enough to combat the JJ Abrams super-mysterious-make-stuff-up style.
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