Monday, October 3, 2011

Review - Pan Am Season 1 Episode 1 We'll Always Have Paris

Following the flashy pilot, "We'll Always Have Paris" comes off a little flat. There is not the bubbly attitude that drove the first half of the pilot nor the novelty of a new show. The episode revisits two things hanging from the pilot and wraps them up pretty succinctly. Kate and Laura come to terms with their mother--with some on the nose dialogue about them needing each other--and we learn that Bridgette was made during an assignment and is being sent to Kansas City.

I was somewhat confused by Christina Ricci not being the most prominent in the pilot, but she got a big chunk in this episode so it seems ABC did not just use her for the name. The problem is, her plot isn't that good. Basically , Maggie makes it known to Ted that stewardesses shouldn't be touched like she was, and the indignant, over the top tone of the dialogue was a little unsettling,

Score: 8.4/10
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