Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Tuesday 10/25/11

FOX won with The X Factor (4.4).

CBS was second with NCIS (4.1), NCIS: Los Angeles (3.7), and Unforgettable (2.5). Unforgettable was reward for its stable ratings with a full season pick up.

ABC was third with Last Man Standing (2.8), Man Up! (2.0), Dancing with the Stars (2.6), and Body of Proof (1.8). Man Up! took a fairly precipitous drop from the premiere and Body of Proof continues to get less than 2.0.

NBC was last with The Biggest Loser (2.0) and a repeat of Prime Suspect (0.9). I still can't believe how low TBL has gotten.
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