Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review - White Collar Season 3 Episode 2 Where There's a Will

Following last week's very strong season premiere, "Where There's a Will" is another strong episode, featuring  treasure hunt and a kidnapping. While the plot behind the kidnapping of the girl was rather thin, there was plenty of good stuff in the episode. Elizabeth finally went outside, Peter solves the clue of the sundial, and Neal and Mozzie infiltrate a planetarium.   It's all fun stuff to see, even if the plot itself didn't have much.

Meanwhile, Neal talks Peter's art consultant into revealing information about the case--that they have a partial list of the art, possibly including the piece Mozzie went to sell. If Mozzie's sell does go through, which Neal is desperately trying to prevent, red flags will go up everywhere, making it nearly impossible for them to escape on a plane.

What appeals to me most about this season of White Collar is how the writers aren't following the same pattern of the first two season for the overall story. There's no big mystery couched in pointless, cryptic dialogue. There's no pieces of art leading to more pieces of art leading to clues leading to more clues. It's just a straightforward story of a con deceiving the fed and the fed trying to catch the con--all the while working together. In this simpler set-up, we can enjoy the interplay between the characters and the overall story without being dragged around by the writers and the latest goose chase.

Score: 8.8/10
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