Monday, June 13, 2011

Review - Treme Season 2 Episode 8 Can I Change My Mind?

With three episodes left in the season, the plots of Treme are on the brink of something big, whether good or bad. Every character is coming to a realization about what he/she wants to, while others continue to flounder.

On the musical side, Delmond plan to infuse jazz with his father's music is moving along, and he also has plans to get his father to take money. Davis's music is warmly received, even if it's not a large stage, so he seems good to go. Annie, however, is lagging behind, afraid to perform her music in the public. After forgoing to chance to perform on stage, she performs on the street, with Davis watching proudly from afar, and it goes fine. For now, these musical endeavors are going the most positively.

Antoine finds himself troubled by the way his sons were brought up. He likes teaching the students, and after seeing how much his sons enjoyed the music at Mardi Gras, he regrets not teaching them to play over the objections of Ladonna.

One of the plots that has bothered me and many other viewers has been Sofia. She keeps acting out and there's nothing much to it. This time, however, she ends up in juvenile detention, which brings about the inevitable confrontation with Toni. It's emotional, intense, and reveals the pain Toni has been carrying all this time, unable to explain why Creighton did what he did.

Another plot that has bothered me is Jannette, who has stayed in New York for far too long without doing much. She is shuffled from one restaurant to another, this time to David Chang's restaurant, but her development seems a bit lacking. Is she just going to go through these restaurants until she realizes that she belongs in New Orleans?

Score: 9.1/10
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