Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review - Community Season 2 Episode 10 Mixology Certification

Community has many types of episodes--the parody ("Basic Rocket Science"), the strange ("Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"), the brilliant ("Cooperative Calligraphy"), and mixtures of everything. "Mixology Certification" is a sweet episode, having that warm fuzzy feeling of Modern Family along with the same biting humor.

When the group discovers that Troy is actually turning 21 and not 20, they take him out to a bar. There is a lot that happens. The sexual tension between Jeff and Britta is amplified as they argue over their favorite bar--which turns out to be the same one--sniping at each other every chance they get. They end up kissing in the car going home before stopping.

Annie indulges in a fantasy where she's not Annie Edison, overachieving student, but Caroline Deckard, carefree groupie. We see that Annie doesn't really want to be the way she is, but that's the path she's chosen. It'll be interesting to see how Annie develops, knowing expressly that her alcoholic alter-ego looks down on Annie.

At the bar is a picture from Shirley from only a few years ago bombed out of her mind. It's funny for everyone except Shirley, who's reminded yet again that she isn't living up to what she preaches.

Even drunk, Abed is more or less the same guy, engaging in a lengthy Farscape conversation with a guy who's hitting on him. Of course, everything goes wrong when Abed tells him that he knew he was being hit on and kept talking about Farscape because he likes to.

And regarding the final Stargate is better than Farscape retort, they're both around the same. Averaging out all the episodes, Farscape probably comes out on top, and the epicness and ballsy writing certainly doesn't hurt; however, Stargate has that ineffable camaraderie and fun that can't really be matched.

Troy, meanwhile, is unable to drink until midnight and sits back to watch everyone. Seeing that everyone is drunk, he leaves his drink alone, stays sober, and helps everyone out. And that's what being adult is, making the right, mature choices to keep friends safe. It might sound a little PSA-y, but Community does it in a way that's funny and heartwarming.

Score: 9.0/10
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