Sunday, March 6, 2011

Preview of Week 3/6/11 - 3/12/11

Breakout Kings - A&E, Sunday, March 6, 10:00pm ET

Read my review here. If you're not going to watch Shameless, you might as well watch Breakout Kings.

The Event - NBC, Monday, March 7 8:00pm ET

The Event returns with 2 new episodes. I hardly remember what happened last time, but it probably won't matter.

Stargate Universe - SYFY, Monday, March 7, 10:00pm ET

Stargate Universe has been cancelled, but we still get to see the final 10 episodes, thankfully not burned off on one night. On the other hand, I'm fully prepared to be underwhelmed.

Southland - TNT, Tuesday, March 8, 10:00pm ET

Ben is finally graduating (the first three season cover less than a year of time) and also must deal with John's continued decline due to drug use.

White Collar - USA, Tuesday, March 8, 10:00pm ET

After the revelation that Alex is somehow involved with Kate's death, the season finale this week should be interesting.
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