Monday, July 27, 2009

Review - True Blood Season 2 Episode 6 Hard-Hearted Hannah

Another great episode, and something actually happened this week. The stories have yet to converge so there are still very distinct storylines going on, though in a few weeks, Jason and Sookie are sure to cross paths.

Sookie goes with Isabel's human boyfriend Hugo to the Fellowship of the Sun church. They start talking to Steve and Sarah pretending to be vampire haters. While Sookie is reading thoughts, Steve thinks about the vampire they have in the basement which I assume is Godric. Later, Steve starts thinking about how Sookie is lying and he knows who she is. I guess Sookie's plan had one minor flaw. The Fellowship of the Sun already knows who Sookie is, that why they sent the guy to the airport to kidnap her. It ends with Steve forcing Sookie and Hugo into the basement.

Bill's maker Lorena shows up and we see some flashbacks of them in the 1920's killing people and doing some weird stuff. She talks a bit to Eric and then goes to Bills room and pins him to the bed right as Sookie gets in trouble. Hoyt also shows up to Jessica's hotel room having driven to Dallas all the way from Bon Temps.

Jason and Luke are ordered to build a crazy cross thing used to burn vampires in the sun in front of crowds. They talk and Jason decides to become abstinent (right...). Later, he sees Sarah who is upset with Steve and then breaks his earlier vow. Good job being strong there.

Back in Bon Temps, Andy is delusional again and wants to bring Lafayette to the station to answer questions about his disappearance. Lafayette has PTSD and huddles in the corner. The situation becomes worse when Pam shows up and gives him V to sell. Money troubles? While driving, Andy sees Sam and Daphne is a dog and pig respectively. He realizes that the pig is the one he saw with Maryann. This is the first sign of trouble. Then Daphne leads Sam to Maryann's orgy which is probably the most disturbing yet since everyone is naked and doing it.

There was also a story with Eggs and Tara that left me really confused. They go to get a water heater, but along the way, Eggs tells her to stop, and they start walking. He says he knows he's been there before even though he can't remember. There are clothes and blood on a rock. Could Mary Ann have brainwashed him? Anyways, they come back and join the fun at the orgy.

The episode was great again and kind of revealed a lot. Sam just can't get a break, and Maryann continues to get weirder. The tone of the show is perfect and the scene with Lorena and Bill having sex with blood all over was so disturbing, but so well made. The pace of this episode picked up and still left enough for slower scenes. I was hoping for more of a twist with the FotL, maybe more complexity, but I guess that are just bigots with guns and manpower. Earlier in the season, I think the Newlins did bring up legitimate points about the danger of vampires, but lately, they have become totally illogical.

Score: 9.5/10


Anonymous said...

Yeah, good episode. It revealed a lot. Plenty of disturbing scenes but they keep me intrested. I hope Sam transforms into a lion or bear and finishes off Maryann.

Anonymous said...

To me this episode was kind of a confirmation of my gut feeling since s2 started. In my opinion the mary-ann storyline is weak and dragging...
I would prefer it if the show would remain closer to the books.. and put some actual dept in them (as the show really became better then the first book).
I'm curious to the Jessica/Hoyt storyline. That is well set up.. slowly.. and building up to something I cannot predict yet..

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