Friday, August 12, 2011

Review - Suits Season 1 Episode 8 Identity Crisis

Of all the characters on Suits, Louis the one that doesn't belong. He's not suave like Harvey, strong like Jessica, or even funny like Donna. Mostly, he's just abrasive. What we see in "Identity Crisis" is that this quality is hardly helpful. He bumbles along throughout the case, doing the opposite of what Harvey would do, and rightfully gets his ass handed to him. While he eventually steps in to get the critical information, Harvey's parting words to him strike deep. Louis believes Harvey would go behind his back to Jessica and take all the credit, because it's something he himself would do. It's not all sunny for these characters, a theme that continuous to come up on the show.

Mike's plot felt very incomplete this week. The setup is rather complex, with client needing Harvey to deal with his daughter, Lola, who has another identity. As it turns out, she's taking money from her father's company, has amazing hacking skills, and finds out that Mike didn't go to Harvard. This potentially dangerous situation suddenly dissipates without much happening. She helps Harvey with the embezzled money, gets Mike a Harvard diploma, and gets him into the database. With that all the major problems are resolved. For Suits, this seems far too easy.

Score: 8.5/10
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