Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review - NCIS Season 7 Episode 13 Jet Lag

In a span of 8 days, Chuck, Human Target, and now NCIS all had episodes on planes. In all three shows, a flight attendant was the bad guy. Whether intentional or not, it appears as though there is a conspiracy afoot. Maybe the writers are starting a war with airline companies.

Tony and Ziva are in Paris to bring an informant, Nora, back to the United States to testify against a military contractor, Ray Beringer, who is defrauding the Navy. At the same time, McGee and Gibbs investigate a murder that is linked to the informant. Yeah it's a huge coincidence, but it works. It turns out the dead Marine moonlighted as a hit man until he was killed by another hit man. After a few twists, the flight attendant played Victoria Pratt turns out to be the assassin and is taken down by the duo of Tony and Ziva. I was expecting her to be the hit (wo)man because she hadn't done anything the entire episode and actresses on the level of Victoria Pratt aren't hired simply to be flight attendants.

The biggest shocker of the episode was in the last few minutes. Tony tells McGee he and Ziva had flipped a coin to see who would sleep on the couch and he lost. Ziva asks him why he lied and Tony asks Ziva why she lied to Nora. The implication is that they slept together. It's an interesting way to bring up the question and I have to give props to Shane Brennan for at least doing something with Tony and Ziva that isn't predictable. Looking back, there were so many glances between them that something had to have happened. Tony was telling lies or half truths to Nora which is why Ziva kept looking at him and why he looked back at her.

Gibbs and McGee were relegated to supporting roles, but solved who was behind the hit. Nora's fiancée was stealing from Beringer and that would come out in the testimony. The investigation brought in Holly Snow (Dina Meyer) as a D.C. madam who is not hesitant to push Gibbs's buttons.

Score: 9.2/10


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