Friday, September 25, 2009

Review - Supernatural Season 5 Episode 3 Free to Be You and Me

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, good stuff. Who didn't laugh every time Dean brought them up in reference to Raphael? With Dean and Sam apart, there was two fairly separate stories that only made me want to see how they will come together in the end. For now, we'll have Dean and Cas with Sam doing his own thing.

Sam's story was predictable other than the major twist in the end. Sam is now working at a bar. He keeps to himself, but calls Bobby after seeing weird weather. Some hunters roll in town, learn about Sam's demon fetish, fight him, and leave. The big story was Jess's appearance in the beginning telling him that he can't change. At the end, we learn that it is actually Lucifer who tells him Sam is his vessel. Oh noes! I had this hilarious image in my mind of Michael and Lucifer picking up Dean and Sam and using them as clubs.

The specter of Lucifer looming, there was even worse news. Castiel and Dean track down the Archangel Raphael in the hunt for God. Raphael tells them that God is dead and when Cas questions how he came back, there was a simple answer: Lucifer. I never thought of that before, because all Lucifer is just a glorified (or fallen) angel. How could he revive another angel?

There seems to be a lot of blame going on and it's all directed at God. The angels hate him for elevating humans above them and everyone else hates God because he's not doing anything. Part of Lucifer/Jess telling Sam he can't change is to get Sam to blame God. If it's Sam nature to be like this, then it's God's fault. Lucifer and Raphael can't blame themselves for what they do. The thing is, maybe they have a point. God abandoned everyone, angels, demons, and humans alike and now there's nothing to control anything. Whatever happens from here is really in the hands of nobody.

There were plenty of good moments with Castiel and his one-liners. If found the getting laid part a little too strange, but that's part of the show. Dean teaching Cas things could get old fast so I hope Dean isn't tagging along with Castiel every episode. I like last season how Castiel would just pop up which made angels seem more mysterious. Now we're starting to understand Castiel. He's like the good child, always doing good and hoping dad will reciprocate, but this time, dad is nowhere to be found.

I commented on another site: I think Raphael could be justified in what he is doing or not doing (letting demons overrun everything). God is gone and left control with the angels. Unless there is a mandate given by God to the angel, they can come up with reasons for destroying humanity. They are higher beings than humans and maybe they just want to be left alone. We don't know how they think or what ends they want, so I think we should see how this season plays out before casting judgment. 

Score: 9.0/10


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