Thursday, May 17, 2012

CW its 2012 fall schedule [Deadline]
- The notable are Supernatural moving to Wednesday and of course the new shows premiering in October, not September as usual. Not exactly sure about female MD Tuesdays, but at least the settings are different. It's cool to see the network try out different dates for releasing new shows. It might make a difference, though the big worry is that other news shows will get so much buzz that CW's shows will be afterthoughts by October. CW's offerings seem pretty good this year, although execution is always the biggest problem for the network.

Breakout Kings canceled [Deadline]
- BK's ratings were quite a bit lower in the second season than the first. A&E can't seem to find a solution to scripted programming other than The Glades.

Unforgettable to cable? [Deadline]
- TNT seems like a much better fit for the show than Lifetime. Maybe moving to cable would mean a reduction in cost and usage of the ridiculous camera gimmicks.

Variety grades the upfronts [Variety]
- My impression is that NBC is trying to be as strategic as possible, knowing viewers don't tend to go to the network regardless of what's airing.
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