Monday, July 25, 2011

Review - True Blood Season 4 Episode 5 Me and the Devil

"Me and the Devil" is the most well-rounded episode of the season, without anything that was bizarre for bizarre's sake, the biggest problem that plagues the show. The episode gets off to a splendid start, as Tommy kills his parents, ridding us of some of the most grating characters on the show, and it gets better from there. Almost half way through the fourth season, True Blood is once again kicking into high gear.

Bill makes his move on Marnie, locking her up and interrogating her, only to find that she knows nothing. After a bunch of teasing, the writers decide it is finally time for Sookie and Eric to kiss while Pam accidentally  lets slip about Eric, which leads Bill to Sookie's house. Sookie meets Marnie for the first time and gets a reading. Interestingly, when Sookie reads Marnie's mind, she hears Gran talking, and is told that her growing love for someone and Marnie are dangerous. As the two plots intersect, there will be definite fireworks next week.

Alcide got something new this week outside of Sookie's world when local pack leader shows up and wants Alcide to register, something he doesn't want to do given his earlier experience. I'm not sure why Alcide had to have this new plot, but it was only one scene, so it wasn't a big deal.

The subplots which usually grind the show to a halt were pretty good this week. Terry getting the Reverend and Lettie Mae to do the exorcism in their house was cute and what presumably is the evil doll can set things on fire. As much as I'd like to complain about the way Tommy's plot got from point A to point B, him and Sam working together to rid the body was much better than anything they've done before. It ties theirs fates together with regard to breaking the law which can lead to plenty of other things. And no Hot Shot!

Score: 9.0/10
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