Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 22 Airport 2010

When a large family goes to the airport, things are bound to go wrong. Right off the bat, Jay hates the idea of the entire family going. All he wants to do is relax and hang out with Gloria, but she has activity after activity planned.

Jay's general discomfort lingers through the entire episode until the big reveal in the end that fixes everything: the rest of the family is going back while Gloria and Jay get s few days to themselves. And the rest of the stories resolve themselves happily,

Phil drives Mitchell back home to get his wallet, leading to lots of funny interactions. The running gag is that Phil has no sense of time and drives slowly as if there's no need to get back in time for the flight. After breaking into Mitchell's house, and thankfully no one called the police, they come back with Mitchell's wallet and time to spare.

Meanwhile, Haley is eying a cute new guy even as Dylan texts her about being trapped in the Dunphy's house. The guy Haley is interested in turns out to be 14. But really, who can fault her? He looked way older than 14 and is probably her intellectual equal anyway. The actor's name is Patrick Stafford, but I can't find his age. I loved Alex's passing shot at Haley, telling her about a hottie who is busy scribbling on something.

The name Manny Delgado is on the no-fly list, so the Manny we know, who is clearly no a danger, is questioned relentlessly by a TSA agent. Bureaucratic red tape is always funny, but at least someone payed attention to him. In light of Faisal Shahzad actually getting on the plane, it's a sobering reminder that increased security has both benefits and drawbacks.

Score: 9.4/10
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